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Besides acting, I wrote poems in classical forms of Persian poetry such as Ghazal, Mathnavi and Qet’eh as well as modern free verse.
My professional career as a lyricist started with working alongside a musician composer friend of mine, leading to my first published album. Meanwhile, I became a member of Iranian Lyricists society and my works used in many music albums and some popular television drama series. In addition, as an actress I performed in almost nine theatrical plays, three television programs, five short films and one feature film. As a singer however, back home in Tehran-Iran, I only could sing in private gatherings or family events but not publically, for obvious reasons understandable for Islamic law ruled countries where restrictions imposed to women. Therefore, I could only sing as a choir alongside main male singers.

I started to write lyrics while in primary school in Khuzestan, South of Iran. My family, who originally lived in Tehran, had moved to a garrison town there. My father, who was serving in the Air Force, had a duty assignment in that region during the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988).
My writings, and my poems in particular – for which I enjoyed my father’s help, who also wrote poetry – reflected the impressions of that surroundings on my mind: the horror of red alerts, survival and resistance were keynotes in my lyrics.  

As a child, I would make melodies for my lyrics and practice my own songs; but the most difficult challenge of all, which I met successfully, with my father's help, was performing the songs in front of hundreds of my schoolmates on occasions such as parent’s evenings, celebrations and many other events.
After the war ended, we moved back to Tehran where I found a new passion: acting. Once I completed secondary school, I received my first award for acting in a play called “Ascension”; that gave me the motivation I needed to continue developing my skills as an actor, which led to further achievements.
My work entered a new phase following my study for a degree in Persian Language and Literature. The study added knowledge of prosody, grammar and structurally sound poetic forms to my natural tendency as a poet, which enabled me to move to a professional level.